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Web Designers vs Web Templates

With so many do-it-yourself web development tools available on the internet, people often ponder about the necessity of hiring a web designer to build their website. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider using a Web Designer instead of Web Templates...


1) Unlimited Customisation Capabilities

Website templates are designed by professional web designers. Though they look very attractive they are very limited when it comes to customisation, meaning you can't really have the website look and function, exactly the way you would have liked.


2) Exclusivity

Because templates are not exclusive to a specific client means that there can literally be thousands of people making use of the same template as yours. Prospective clients will notice if they have seen a website just like yours, which can raise eyebrows and drive away business.


3) SEO Compatibility

Most ready made website templates are not SEO compatible, meaning people will struggle to find your company when looking for it on search engines. Good web masters can optimise the code and content of your website to ensure that it ranks well in search engine results.


4) Brand Identity

Because web designers build websites from scratch, means they can design it to reflect your brand exactly the way you want it.


5) Credibility

At the end of the day website templates, however good they may look, are just generic and if you want something unique, professional and representative of your brands identity you should rather consider using a web designer.




Posted: 10 Sep 2014,

Web Designers vs Web Templates

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