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Are Websites still Relevant in 2014?

As social media sites have become increasingly popular during recent years one has to wonder about the relevancy of the good old personal website.


In my opinion websites have become even more relevant and I will share my views on why I say this;


1)Your website is what defines you (your company) on the internet.

Any one can pop onto a social media site and within minutes create a page just like yours. A website on the other hand carries way more substance and can be seen as your brands ID on the internet. A true reflection of what it is you have to offer.


2) Quality websites closes deals.

As mentioned above, it is very easy to pop onto a social media platform and create a page that looks just like the other 100million. Though I am not arguing against the importance of social media, I am merely advocating that people who are really interested in doing business with you will always look for your personal website to value the quality of you business. It gives prospective clients a sense of trust.


3) Your website is the centre piece.

There are so many social media sites around and more entering the arena each month that you will get lost in the sea of quick fix “companies”. Your website should be the centre piece that links all of your social media sites together. Think of your website as the queen bee, safely guarded, sending out her social media soldiers to generate business.


4) Gets your brands message across.

Because your website is your juristic property, you have complete control over what content you would like to ad, how much you’d like to ad and where you want to ad it. There are virtually no limits, meaning you can get your brands message across to prospective clients, the exact way you want it. Also, there is no competition on your website, meaning your brand has their full attention 100% of the time. No distracting ads and pop ups!


In summary...

I fully understand the importance of having a good social media strategy to generate leads for your business, but the most important platform for online marketing still is the classic website. Not convinced? Apple still uses its website as one of its most critical online marketing tools, announcing their latest product releases etc. Its like things aren't really considered official until a statement is released on a website.


So, if one of the world leaders in tech innovation still believes in the relevancy of websites,

shouldn’t you?

Posted: 6 Aug 2014,

Are Website Relevant 2014

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