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Affordable Websites vs Cheap Websites


Affordable, Cheap... Tomato, TomAto... Right? What's the difference?


Trying to get the best value for your hard earned cash has been part of human culture for ages and so to the challenge of finding the balance between affordable and cheap.


Being a web designer myself, it is a question I ponder about regularly.


I remember a few years back, signing up to a "do-it-yourself" automated WYSIWYG web provider. Once the payment was made, I was left to fend for myself. Having to figure out how the system operates was quite frustrating at the time -and response from their support team was very poor.


So for me the answer to the affordable vs cheap question is quite simple,

quality customer service.


Knowing that the person on the other side is committed to your cause is what builds trust.

It shows the clients that they are getting value for their money, which makes the service worth the price and thus affordable. Even the most expensive options, littered with poor customer support can be classified as cheap.


The difficult part though, is how to go about offering your services at a low price, without it being labeled as cheap? How do you instil a sense of trust before doing business?


Having learned my lesson from my previous experience with the above mentioned web provider, we created a model where we only accept payment from our clients, once they are 100% satisfied with the test site we provide. We create the website, send the clients links where they can view the progress and only when they give the go ahead, do we launch the website and accept remuneration.


Our product is mainly aimed at the small business and sole proprietor market.

For small businesses, scraping together R5 000 - R10 000 to create a website is not always easy and that money could rather have been invested in stock, advertising etc.


What makes our product unique is the fact that there are no setup fees involved and because we know that the life span of a small business is not always set in stone, we provide an easy exit strategy, giving you the option to cancel your contract at any time with a

30 day written notice, eliminating your financial risk.

Posted: 5 June 2014,

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